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Gifted Charlie Musk wakes up on the studio sofa and is determined to make the most of his morning. His thick cock is nicely visible in his white underwear which soon drops so we can admire his fully hard manhood. Starting slow but gradually speeding up, Charlie knows exactly what he likes and what his massive dick needs. Just before the end, he stands before covering the carpet with a sticky creamy load.

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Finn Harding Jerking Off In The Shower

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The best part of Finn Harding’s day is when he gets to rub down his own chiseled body and masturbate in the shower. As the warm water runs down his naked torso, Finn falls into a deep state of relaxation as he uses body wash to lube and stroke his beautiful big dick, eventually shooting ropes all over the wet tiled floor.

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Gay Sex at the Raging Stallion Beach House

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Vacationing studs Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, Ryder Flynn, and Heath Halo have spent all week fucking around in ‘The Beach House’, so it should come as no surprise that an afternoon of casual TV time on the couch has quickly turned into a bareback foursome. The quad rims and blows each other and swaps positions until Heath is riding Cole’s face while Beau and Ryder team up to suck off Cole’s big dick. Then, wanting to explore more of each other’s hairy bodies, Ryder and Cole break off for some alone time, with Cole pounding his rigid cock into the surfer’s hot hole until each is blowing his load.

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Caleb Parker with Jack Jacob and Vincent Grey

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Meet Caleb Parker, Jack Jacob & Vincent Grey! Three new to ASG models, ready to show you what they’ve got! Which Amateur has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky rookie model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with? Which brands will they fit?The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favorites get another shot!


Finn Harper and Joaquin Santana Gay Sex

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Fit young Jawked twunk Finn Harper is always looking for a great bottom to take his perfect uncut top cock, and he’s most certainly found that guy in lucky boy Joaquin Santana. The boy knows what he’s looking for when he arrives seeking a little rub down, and you can bet Finn isn’t going to say no to such an opportunity. In no time at all the two super fit young guys are shirtless, displaying their fine forms and eagerly exploring. Finn can’t wait to taste the throbbing erection of his lucky pal, sucking and licking the delicious dong and offering him far more than an innocent massage. You can bet Joaquin is more than happy to return the favor, servicing Finn’s gorgeous shaft with his skilled lips and sucking it down as deep as he can take it. His ass is just as greedy as his mouth. With Finn’s incredible erection drooling precum and thrusting for more pleasure the boy straddles his pal and sinks his naked hole down on the meaty tool, bouncing on Finn’s rigid inches. Finn is soon ready to take charge, fucking Joaquin from behind with his bottom’s back arched and his plump cheeks eager for it. A final ramming on his back has the sweaty bottom thirsty for cream, a treat handsome Finn is more than happy to give him before sucking the load out of Joaquin’s delicious dong.

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Greg Taylor and Enzo Bloom on Bad Puppy

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Greg Taylor and Enzo Bloom: 24-year-old Greg Taylor is a HOT uncut stud from the Czech Republic. When he’s not playing hockey, you’ll usually find him at the gym working out! 23-year-old Enzo Bloom is also from the Czech Republic and this uncut Hottie is a driver for a local government office. They are spending a quiet night at home alone, so what better time for them to catch up on some quality sexploitation of each other. They kiss and make out on the couch before Enzo moves in on Greg’s thick rod, licking and sucking him off. Greg is fully ready and begins returning the same oral affection given by Enzo, while stroking on his own cock. Foreplay was fun, but they are ready for some action. Enzo bends over, kneeling on the couch, while Greg begins pumping and slapping Enzo’s smooth bubble butt deep and hard. Enzo lays down and with his right leg up over Greg’s shoulder, Greg goes in even deeper. Greg pulls out and strokes a creamy load of cum on Enzo’s pubes, followed by Enzo releasing a thick load of his own!

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Adam Tyrant and Gianni Gio on Kristen Bjorn

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Gianni Gio is in town on business and checks into the Hands Down boutique hotel, where concierge Adam Tyrant knows how to truly treat special guests. Unfortunately, when Adam shows Gianni the room the a/c has been off and leaves the guys uncomfortable with their clothes on. Adam believes that you do what you must to make the guests visit enjoyable. The guys begin stripping down and Adam’s hands are all over Gianni’ impressive, muscular physique. Intense and passionate kissing heat things up beyond the heat already felt in the room. Adam apologizes that he has never done this with a client before as he reaches out and gropes the growing bulge in Gianni underwear and munches on his thick, hairy armpit. Being the good concierge that he prides himself on, Adam drops to his knees and begins servicing Gianni’s walnut colored swelling cock. Adam brings Gianni’s manly cock to full strength as his lips and mouth run the full length of his impressive cock. Gianni’s cock is dancing with pleasure and Adam can sense that he needs to back off. Adam trades his mouth for his ass as he mounts Gianni and slowly lowers his ass onto Gianni’s throbbing cock. Grinding has ass down hard onto Gianni’s cock, Adam rides it up and down the full length, feeling the pleasure ignite throughout his entire body. Gianni takes over and gives Adam a deep, penetrating fuck like that of a rapid-fire piston on overdrive. Gianni flips Adam onto his shoulders on the floor and spreads his legs wide open. Gianni leans in and begins eating Adam’s ass, savoring the sweet juices of their fucking. Adam gives up his ass completely to Gianni and is ready for all he has to give him. Gianni tongue fucks Adam before he finger fucks him into nirvana. Rising to his feet, Adam bends over and shoves his back, inviting Gianni to have his way. Gianni plants his cock balls deep inside of Adam and the mirrored table they are fucking over gives us two views at once. Gianni is an aggressive fucker and has left his handprint on Adam’s ass as the intensity and passion of their encounter builds. Adam gets flipped onto his back and Gianni grabs hold of his ankles and raises them into the air. His throbbing cock slips right in Adam’s ass and the impassioned fucking continues. Gianni grabs Adam’s ankles and lifts his ass off of the floor and Gianni’s fucking has just intensified. Driven to the edge of ecstasy Adam hovers over the mirrored table and lets his monster load of cum fly. The mirrored table is covered with the huge globs of creamy cum. Gianni stands up and unleashes his huge load of cum, mixing his and Adam’s huge loads together. Adam is at cock level and salivating at what he is witnessing. The temptation is too great and Adam begins licking the mirror clean of both of their loads. This truly is a full-service hotel, Hands Down!

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